These are the days my friend, We though they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day. We live the life we choose, we win and never lose those were the days oh yes these are the days

I choose not to let my brain hemorrhage define my life. Clearly it’s part of my life’s journey and experience, but I choose to focus on healing as the holistic process of gaining strength in my mind, spirit, soul and body.  Walking, practicing yoga and Pilates, and looking to my soul to reaffirm what is truly important in life make me happy.  I savor being a mother. And while I will never be exactly the same as I was before my injury, I’m so much more whole as a human being.  I allow myself to open up to new possibilities. And with that shift in energy new doors have opened.  My life is all soul filling, and life affirming, and  creates beauty and peace from serenity in the heart mind, soul and body. Life is so rich.

It’s amazing that some of the most joyful things in my life have come to me after stroke. I hope that people who suffer brain injuries can embrace their beauty, and learn to surrender and open up to new possibilities.  Please allow yourself to grieve the loss of the person that you were before your injury.  One cannot blossom into the best “new you” until you’ve mourned the loss of the pre-injury you.  I suggest that you not try to recreate the life that you led before.  We have an entire lifetime to recover!   It’s so important to not fight yourself or accept a doctor’s opinion as gospel.  A survivor can choose to become an even more evolved, more comfortable version on a spiritual level of the person she was before.  Develop  a rich life, choose a greater  purpose and ideally more balanced life. I love life.   I know who I am, and I welcome every moment as it presents itself!  Please remember to focus not on where you’ve begun, but on where you’re headed!


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