Learning to feel comfortable with discomfort

One of the greatest challenges that I face is accepting that not every day is a “wonderful” day. I feel such gratitude for my recovery and for the life that I’ve created that I sometimes struggle with those feelings that inevitably bubble up when one is truly in tune with her feelings and surroundings. When I was dancing, I numbed myself to any physical or emotional discomforts. I could only plow ahead with a single-minded determination, and didn’t stop to consider that I may feel tired, sore or unhappy at times. Since my brain hemorrhage,  I have chosen a path to deeper self-acceptance and realization.  I do not wish to not remain numb to my feelings or the energies of the world around me. This enlightened choice does not, however, make me immune to discomforts in everyday life. As we all do, sometimes I wake up feeling sore in the muscles or physically and emotionally tired. I must have felt that way before my stroke, too.   I was so numbed at that time to essential human needs for rest and rejuvenation that I didn’t allow myself to acknowledge that such feelings existed. My soul wasn’t blossoming to its fullest capacity, but a certain discomfort can come when one’s spirit is so much in tune to herself and her surroundings. I slowly learn that it’s ok to feel every emotion and feel sure that I will not remain heavily weighted by sadness, anger, or frustration. As a natural optimist, it’s comforting to realize that.

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